Thursday, December 5, 2013

Your favorite Instagrams of the year and the Stories behind them

5. Yellow
This still life was taken on the beautiful Danish island Bornholm this summer. It was at a little cafĂ© right next to the ocean. To be honest, I didn't even spot this beautiful scene. Someone pointed it out to me and I'm glad they did because I do love this picture. 

4. Blue 
This lone horse was looking out onto a loch in a very small village in Scotland (Wester Ross) this summer. A woman had just thrown an apple over the fence for it but it was a bit too daft to find it. Or maybe just distracted by the beautiful surroundings. Up on the hill behind me, the mobile banking unit (ha!) was parked next to an adorable village grocery shop. I do miss Scotland and hope to be back there soon! 

3. Red
A beautiful canal in Berlin this fall. I cycle around the city on my bike a lot (I hate public transport) and love to take pictures along the way. I believe this was somewhere in Kreuzberg, an area I really like but rarely find myself in. The trees looked like they were on fire! 

2. Green
My sweet little Catastrophe. All of the pictures of her are very popular on Instagram. Understandably, she is adorable! A few people have asked me about the color of her eyes. They are in fact green. In this picture the light really hit her eyes perfectly and my honey's green tshirt behind her brings them out as well. 

1. Brown
My friend's lovely dog Maia and I jumping for joy is by far my most liked photo (and my personal favorite as well). I had gotten these beautiful boots as an early birthday present and wanted to capture them. It was a very spontaneous idea while we were taking her out for a walk and I had to convince my sweetheart to take this picture as he usually avoids photography. Maia and I jumped quite a few times. We had a blast! 

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  1. These are beautiful doll...I do love the one along the canal, the leaves are amazing in favourite thing about the fall time :)) I hope you have a gorgeous weekend xx

  2. These pictures are amazing! But then, you are such a great photographer, I must say! I must go back to Berlin soon and although when I go there it'll be covered by snow, I'll certainly remember this scene here :) loved the cat, sooo sweet, but just like you, my absolute favorite picture, and one of the most beautiful among all the pictures I have seen in my life is number 1, with your dog, jumping. That picture could win a contest, really! denisesplanet com

  3. Wonderful images! I really love the first shot and what an interesting capture in the last image. Thanks for sharing. :)


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